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Landscape Assessment

Any successful venture begins with a clear understanding of where you are. A GPS can’t determine the best route until it first knows where you’re starting from, and successful Strategic Execution is no different.

Therefore, our work together begins with a data-driven assessment of your organization’s effectiveness at building a strong and cohesive Executive team, implementing consistent systems and processes to support and scale your business, engage and empower your people, and listen and respond to the market. You’ll know exactly where you are today before we take a single step toward the future.

Strategic Alignment

Strategic Execution can’t happen without a strategic plan, but having a strategic plan never guarantees Strategic Execution. If it did, why would 70% of companies with a strategic plan admit to failing to execute? But why do they fail? Often, their plan is too complicated and lacks ownership, but most damaging to strategic execution is lack of alignment to the very plan they’ve created. Companies simply believe their leaders and teams are significantly more aligned around the plan than they truly are.

Together, we’ll create a simplified strategic plan with clear accountability and ownership, and we’ll ensure leadership alignment exists before it ever gets communicated to your teams. Strategic Execution demands it.

Leadership Development

Like anyone, leaders want to be good and successful at their craft, yet so many feel ill-equipped to do so. Often, fantastic individual contributors are elevated to leadership roles without the proper tools, education and support, leaving them to flounder in the most critical positions in your company. And because no employee is an island, failing leaders impact everyone around them. How effectively can you execute with weak leaders who fail to engage and lead the very employees needed to do the work?

Through Executive Coaching and Leadership Team development, we’ll equip key company leaders with the tools and confidence they need to excel in their roles and accelerate Strategic Execution. We’ll tackle the real-life issues in front of them and demystify the complexities of leadership to raise the bar for the whole company.

Employee Engagement

When it comes to Strategic Execution, good luck trying to do anything without your people. Strategic Execution not only requires an engaged team pulling together in the same direction, it demands it. And we’re not talking about just keeping employees informed about what’s in the Strategic Plan or keeping them abreast of how it impacts their work. Strategic Execution INCLUDES your people in the execution of the plan by aligning their work to it, including them in the creation and ownership of initiatives and tasks that execute your plan. 

If you want Strategic Execution, then we’ve got to engage your people.

Focused Implementation

Once we’ve achieved Strategic Alignment and Employee Engagement, it’s time to get to work. Here is where initiatives are implemented, rocks are moved, and progress is made toward executing your strategic plan to make your vision reality. Without focused implementation, balls are dropped, projects spin, frustrations boil, and nothing changes for the better.

 We will guide you and your team through Focused Implementation to ensure it happens, and we’ll give you the tools and confidence to maintain the momentum long after we’re gone.

Adjustments & Interventions

A GPS does more than just map a path to get from here to there. During your journey, it’s constantly guiding you so you don’t miss an important turn, and when you do, it adjusts your route to get you back on course as quickly as possible. Your GPS also always keeps one eye on your destination and alerts you to future obstacles you’ve not yet encountered. No one closes their GPS app until they’ve completed their journey.

This is exactly how we operate to foster Strategic Execution in your business. We’re with you through the journey of Focused Implementation to keep you on track, help you overcome the inevitable obstacles that occur (think: Pandemic!), and always keep one eye on your ultimate destination to help you course-correct when necessary. Adjustments and Interventions keep you on track and always moving forward.

Metrics & Measures

Without metrics and measures, how would you know your organization is realizing any return on the investment you’ve made into Strategic Execution? Throughout our work together, we’ll monitor the success through the KPIs, culture data, financial targets and other measurable metrics we agree upon up front so you know without a doubt you’re executing like never before.

Outcomes For Your Business:

Leadership and Company Alignment

Creating Intentional Culture By Design

What we do

We know there already exists greatness within you and every single human being on the planet. We also know each of us is the single-biggest reason why that greatness isn’t used. Therefore, we exist to help you identify and remove the obstacles holding back your individual greatness so your collective team- and company greatness can be fully unleashed.

We exist to unleash your greatness!


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